Want to Know what Payment Processors are Available for Infinity Downline?

In this video I give an overview of what’s available:

While there are many different payment processors, most everyone I know that has been successful in Infinity Downline uses a combination of Paypal, Alertpay (Payza), and Linkpoint (paid credit card processor).

Paypal and Alertpay (Payza) are completely FREE to use while Linkpoint costs approximately $20 to process credit cards from your signups.

Paypal also has this feature with a business verified account to accept credit cards as well, but if you have an issue with Paypal, linkpoint is available.

I have heard of some members having an issue with Paypal as a payment processor with Infinity Downline, I would like to go on record to say I’ve never had this issue and trust them completely.  All kinds of businesses use Paypal as a payment processor, whether one-time sales or recurring memberships.  Paypal does have the option of freezing accounts but myself or my sponsor has never had this issue.  I personally deposit all my recurring signup payments to my checking account straight from my Paypal.

I hoped this video and information gave you a better of idea of what’s available in the Infinity Downline back office for you to use.

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