The New Project Breakthrough – Does It Really Work?

Project Breakthrough – Does This New Free Training Really Work?

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There is a huge amount of ‘buzz’ going on within the world of online marketing about the New Project Breakthrough from 2 pioneers of the industry, Vick Strizheus and John McClain.

As being hugely successful with National Wealth Center, which is part of the same online marketing world, everyone always asks my opinion of new programs and trainings that come out, so I wanted to take the time to write an honest review of this new training series and if it is indeed as helpful as the creators claim.

I’ll be breaking down the most asked questions about the Project Breakthrough training series in this post and hope to answer as in depth as I possibly can.

So Just What Is Project Breakthrough?

Project Breakthrough was created by two individuals:

Vick Strizheus

vick strizheus project breakthrough

John McClain

jason mcclain project breakthrough

As stated by the two creators, the Project Breakthrough training series was created for one simple reason, to give everyone the ‘breakthrough’ they need to finally learn and understand on how to make their first commission online in 14 days and how to do that over and over again.

The training series takes place over 14 day video sessions where you watch Vick and Jason take a married couple step by step through 14 days in building their brand new online business step by step. Each consecutive video is unlocked by watching each day and completing the former day.

Each day within the training series also has a ‘to do list’ and assignments that are completed before the next day and video to really hold you by the hand in what is needed to be done each day to build an income and online business for long term success.

Project Breakthrough is part of the overall company ‘High Traffic Academy’ which is an ‘all in one’ program where everything you could ever imagine about the world of internet marketing is taught through step by step training modules.

The greatest benefits or appealing aspects of the Project Breakthrough training series is as follows:

  • It is completely FREE – no kidding it is absolutely completely FREE to go through the 14 day training series
  • Step By Step – this is a step by step ‘over the shoulder’ training done by Vick & Jason with 2 students
  • Daily Assignments – list of daily assignments and homework to really get users engaged in the process
  • High Quality – training series and videos are very high quality (usually hour length each day)
  • High Educational Quality – teaches both the theory and puts into practice each of the concepts taught each day
  • Easy to Follow – the daily video trainings are very easy to follow; especially for beginners or users with no experience

One of the most appealing aspects of this training for me personally was that the training is actually ‘step by step’ and actually ‘over the shoulder’ as you watch Vick & Jason teach 2 brand new students (who have no idea of what even internet marketing is) through 14 days how to build a very successful online business for themselves.

I don’t know how many times in the past when I first got into internet marketing I bought a ‘step by step’ training on internet marketing and then the product was the furthest thing from ‘step by step’ and even left me more confused. It is absolutely amazing in my opinion to find something so ‘step by step’ and taught so well in a completely FREE training series.

So What Is My Personal Opinion of the New Project Breakthrough Training?

My personal opinion of Project Breakthrough training series is that I have never seen anything like this within the online marketing industry, and believe me I have seen it all.

Alot of my success within National Wealth Center or any product or online business opportunity I’ve been involved with or sold online is because I was very fortunate to learn from Vick Strizheus back in the day when he first launched ‘High Traffic Academy’.

Needless to say, anything that Vick Strizheus puts together I am listening intently with ‘both ears wide open’ as he is the utmost authority within the internet marketing world and any huge earner in the industry has been a student of his as well.

The ability to learn from him personally within the Project Breakthrough training series for FREE is the biggest ‘no brainer’ you could ever imagine.

If you follow along and complete each day of the 14 day free training series, I can guarantee you will be an absolute expert within internet marketing and will be in a position to make more money than you ever thought possible.

If you haven’t had huge success online like myself and other big marketers have had, then do yourself a favor and click the button below and get yourself started (it’s completely free what do you have to lose!)…
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James Matthews


Vick Strizheus Leaving Empower Network?

Vick Strizheus Leaving Empower Network?

In recent news regarding the online network marketing industry relating to a very successful online business similar to Infinity Downline, there has been alot of hype and rumors that the one and only Vick Strizheus was possibly leaving Empower Network or had been banned from Empower Network…

vick strizheus leaving empower network

Vick Strizheus is a huge top earning affiliate within Empower Network, master of paid marketing strategies, and is considered to be one of the top internet marketing leaders and authorities in the industry

Whenever a powerhouse giant and top income earning affiliate like Vick Strizheus is potentially leaving a company or have any sort of issue, the rumors and gossip are most definitely going to fly through the roof.

In this post I will be reporting and the actual facts of what happened in Vick Strizheus possible problems with the Empower Network opportunity.  I do not want to add fuel to the fire but give actual facts from the company itself and from Vick Strizheus own personal public statement regarding the incident. 

Please do be aware that I have the utmost respect for Vick Strizheus and the Empower Network opportunity.

Please also note that I am not involved in Empower Network or endorse them in any way, I am the number 1 affiliate in Infinity Downline but I found this event relevant to our industry and wanted to help get the facts out there.

Did Vick Strizheus Really Leave or Get Banned from Empower Network?

The entire situation started when Vick Strizheus hosted a private webinar for his marketing group within Empower Network titled ‘Big Idea Mastermind’ on around April 30th.

vick strizheus leaving empower network webinar

In this webinar reportedly Vick Strizheus stated several points which led many to believe that he was either starting his own network marketing company or going into some type of completely different direction due to some type of  ‘problems’ for himself within the network marketing industry.

This set off obviously a huge reaction among Empower Network affiliates who started tons of rumors and confusion on the matter and caused a firestorm across social media platforms like Facebook with much heated debate.  Obviously people were very confused and wanted answers to why the number 1 affiliate in Empower Network was possibly leaving or having problems…

The problem with anything internet related in this manner is that things get blown WAY out of proportion and are exaggerated way beyond what was meant on the webinar (from what I understand) so Vick released a public statement to quell the confusion, rumors, and problems that had come from the webinar itself:

Click Here to Read Vick’s public response about possibly leaving Empower Network…

I can relate as I once had a situation within Infinity Downline where I had to change the payment processor that I was using and everyone within the opportunity was asking me if I was leaving, what happened, what are you doing, what the heck is going on, etc.

It was a situation that was blown completely out of control and had to get the word out there quickly that I was just simply changing payment processors.  It’s really amazing how things can get over exaggerated very very quickly online (yikes!)

So Vick Strizheus Didn’t Leave or Get Banned from Empower Network After All?

Apparently not and was just all a big misunderstanding and as stated, completely blown out of proportion by rumors and gossip and those who always just want to add ‘fuel to the fire’ in our industry towards those that are big leaders and have big success.

Anyone who is financially free in any type of home based business such as Infinity Downline or Empower Network or any type of online opportunity, is a target from the masses out there who love to see any of us fail or any type of scandal.  I believe that is where alot of the rumors and gossip came from.

I would also like to report that David Wood (creator of Empower Network) and Vick Strizheus openly talked on a conference call for everyone and corrected the entire situation and I think that shows incredible integrity and transparency on both sides.

To Your Success,

James Matthews
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