Take Action Is The Key To Success, Stop Thinking!

Ever wonder why some people are insanely successful while others always seem to struggle?  I’ve always noticed this too and this doesn’t just apply to internet marketing, it applies to anything.

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It’s a fact that the people who are the most successful at anything are the people that ‘JUST DO IT’.  This is Nike’s slogan for a reason.  Athletes are coached and mentored to ‘Just Do It’ each and everytime they step out onto the field.  You’ll never hear a coach say to his player: “Hey Just Think It!”

Thinking too much is not only detrimental, it’s downright dangerous to success.  While one person is ‘thinking about it’ there is another that is already halfway through completing the steps needed for success!

Why Do People Think So Much Before Making A Decision?

In the areas of marketing a business like Infinity Downline, people want to ‘think too much’ because they just can’t grasp the concept that they can be successful at building their own business, or just can’t see themselves having a lucrative income online, so they have to complicate the matter about 1000x by thinking how they will do things.  When in reality all they have to do is follow my training.  Taking their head out of the equation is a sure route to success.

Some people are just ‘thinkers’.  I know I had to change my mindset in a big way when getting into online business.  I was always the type that had to think and make things perfect before ever getting into action.  This is dangerous for online business.  You have to get yourself out there everyway possible as fast as you can, don’t ever worry about being perfect, just start taking massive action.

How Can I Start Just Doing It, Instead of Thinking Too Much?

This all starts by just taking action, whether it’s building that first website, talking to that first person about your business, learning the latest marketing strategy, etc. it’s just about taking action and taking action and taking action.

We all hear the countless stories of the internet marketers who read countless stories and e-books but never take action.  Don’t be one of these people, take action with the unbridled belief that if you don’t, you’ll absolutely lose everything.  That always works!

Are You Ready To Take Action?

James Matthews
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