Ever heard the term “Cardinal Rule of Marketing” and wondered what the heck people were talking about?

Let’s first define what this rule is just in case you don’t know:

……drum roll please……………………………………………


Now for some of you this may be common sense but unfortunately for some in marketing they never adhere to this one critical rule.

Some of you reading this could be thinking, “Well I have lots of friends who are interested in my business, and they would make great business partners!”. Well if that’s you, and you’ve had success recruiting family and friends, then the more power to you. There are always exception to every rule, but let’s look deeper into why the “Cardinal Rule of Marketing” has existed for so long.

Let’s look at several factors as to why this is never a good idea, as I have experienced this in my own marketing and some of the biggest earners in the industry will agree:

family and friends don't make good business partners

1. Sense of entitlement – Most family and close friends will feel they have a sense of entitlement if they become a business partner with you or purchase some type of product. The reason for this is that they feel “special”, as they should receive more training, assistance, or some type of discount for the opportunity or product your promoting. This is not fair to your overall market.

2. Negative support – People who know you well or have known you for very long amounts of time, feel that they can basically express their viewpoint or say anything critical towards your business goals. In my experience complete strangers have been far more supportive than close family members in seeing you succeed. There are also possibilities of jealousy and or resentment if you are becoming successful or genuinely enjoy working your business.

3. Possibility of failure – Unfortunately some network marketing businesses fail, or some products have problems and are no longer sold due to defects or some other issue. Family and friends are going to be far more critical if you have them involved in your business venture and the company goes “belly up” as they say. There is also the risk of long term resentment from family and friends if this does happen as well.

4. Constant ridicule – In conversations with individuals in my downline and in other business opportunities, family and friends are far more critical to someone trying to get ahead within a business venture. You have to understand that this ridicule is completely out of jealousy and resentment as discussed in point 2. But it’s important to point out that some family and friends DON’T want you to be successful. The reasons are many, but in my experience is that they want you to struggle just as they are, and issues are very apparent among friends and family who are used to the job mindset.

Delving further into this concept, through my own personal experience, it is NEVER a good idea to market to friends and family. I made a lot of mistakes when I first got into marketing, and trying to chase down my friends and family made me look like I had no credibility, desperate, and had no ability to advertise or promote my business on my own.

I am far more comfortable speaking to complete strangers and love to hear from people online through my website whom I have never spoken to before. I can then educate them on online business or the benefits of a home based business. There is an inherent boundary that you must cross if this is a family member or friend, due to the reasons listed above.

I would rather let my friends and family see my success and say “Just What Are You Doing to Afford That?“, then I’m far more open to a conversation about my business opportunity.

Again this has been my personal experience, and you may have had a very different experience in recruiting your family and friends into your business. The main characteristic to look for in any recruit is that they are:

  • Open minded
  • Dislike their current work
  • Want to spend more time at home
  • Entrepreneurial mindset (by far most important)
  • Tired of making someone else rich

In closing, I would like to mention again that your experiences may have been very different, but if you are struggling with trying to convince your family and friends of the benefits of your business or product, I want you to know that there are millions of people online that you can market to every single moment of every single day. You’ll meet great like minded business partners, and all it takes is one great recruit to turn your business around!

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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