The Difference Between Being ‘Poor’ and Being ‘Broke’…

Alot of people think being ‘poor’ and being ‘broke’ are the same things.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Being ‘poor’ is a mindset while being ‘broke’ is something that can be fixed very quickly.  Most people get these two concepts confused but I’ll explain each one and the differences further in this post.  Through operating a very successful as an affiliate in Infinity Downline I’ve seen both of these quite a bit in dealing with people interested in the program.

How is Being ‘Broke’ Different than Being ‘Poor’?

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Being ‘broke’ is defined as not having any money currently.  This is almost always a temporary state of being as money can be gained through many different methods, whether from a job, starting a business, or lots of other means.  Anyone who is ‘broke’ can change their situation if they choose to do so and are willing to put in the work to change that situation.

Being ‘poor’ is a self defeating mindset, and being raised in the rural south it’s almost always preached and taught as well.  Being ‘poor’ is just noble for alot of people in our society.  The mindset of being ‘poor’ involves the individual never believing that they will be successful financially due to unforeseen circumstances or because ‘that’s just the way things are’.  I’m sure you know several individuals just like this.  Mindsets are very hard to break and are usually taught and ingrained in our subconscious from our teachers, preachers, and parents since we could walk.

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So How Do We Avoid Being Either ‘Broke’ or ‘Poor’?

Very easy answer to this question.  You absolutely work your a$$ off, no matter what happens or who tells you whatever, you absolutely get laser focused on what you want in life and you learn to be the absolute best at it.  If you don’t get rich you will at least be insanely comfortable and not every worry about money.  This strategy works every single time and every successful person will tell you the exact same thing.

We choose to be ‘broke’, ‘poor’, or ‘rich’ everyday of our lives through our beliefs, actions, and most importantly how we spend our time.  If you change how you spend your time and work insanely hard you can absolutely achieve whatever you want in your life, whether being retired with your own Infinity Downline business or whatever your dreams are, it is only up to you to make it happen.

Now Go Make It Happen,

James Matthews
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