Why Your time is important and how Infinity Downline gives you all the time freedom for the ‘little things’

Halo 4 released Tuesday November 6th.  Now I am not a hardcore nerd gamer but if there is one thing I enjoy is playing video games with my niece and nephew.  I must admit I get into at times.

What does Halo 4 have to do with Infinity Downline?  Are you insane?

Yes I am completely insane but that’s the best way to be ;)   This is why Halo 4 and Infinity Downline correlate:

I have all the time in the world to play this game.  No alarm clock.  Nowhere I need to be.  I pick and choose what I want to do each and everyday, whether that’s playing video games, going out to eat, working on marketing, learning something new, etc.  I pick and choose what I will do and what I want to do. 

This principle is the most important principle you will ever grasp, to be completely free from the stresses of a J.O.B and having someone tell you what to do each day.  As in the words of a good mentor of mine, jobs are just above slavery.  They can pay you whatever they ‘feel’ you are worth.  They tell you when to come and go, and they can fire you at anytime for any reason. 

Here is another cool thing, while I was playing Halo 4 last night, I checked my phone and 2 signups had come in within the first hour of playing the game!  Now that’s pretty cool don’t you think?   To do the things you want in life and be able to make money on autopilot.  I certainly enjoy it!

So the point of this post very simply is this:

Infinity Downline gives you the time freedom and the money to enjoy anything that you want to do

If you don’t believe that statement and you don’t believe that you can make money in Infinity Downline or any other opportunity, then let me be the first to tell you this is your mindset, and your mindset is completely false and will sabotage any success you ever hope to achieve.

Controlling your mindset will enable you to control how much money and freedom come into you life, just look at my results. I’m no different from you whatsoever.

If you want time freedom, and you want 100% commissions, then let’s just simply get started,

James Matthews
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