Vacation Once A Month Instead of Once A Year!

I just got back from a great trip where I visited 3 different states and experienced several things on my ‘bucket list’.  One of which was spending the night in America’s most haunted hotel which was an unbelievable and scary experience.  I no longer hear about places I want to visit on TV, I actually visit them to experience it firsthand.  It’s an amazing feeling.

Infinity downline vacations

I visit family, spend time with friends, make new friends, on a constant basis and everyone wonders how I’m able to do this and also resents me for doing it as well (lol).  As I think about being able to travel as much as I do and what residual income really does for you and your time freedom, I’m so glad I made this business my primary income.  I think about all the families and people who have to wait 1 week out of the year to take a vacation, if that, and some never take vacations ever.  It’s really sad.

Infinity Downline has really allowed me to live a life that most work 30 years for at a job.  I can travel as much as I want and can work from anywhere in the world.  If I want to hang out somewhere for 3 months and see the sights, I just take my laptop with me and keep building my online business, it’s a really amazing concept compared to the 9 to 5 drudgery I used to experience.  There is no freedom in working for someone else.

How Many Vacations Have You Taken In The Last Year?

I’ve been on more than 10 trips in this last year.  I absolutely love to travel, I could do it constantly and never stop.  An online business is the only way I could possibly think of having an income while being able to travel as much as I do.  The sad part is most people will never understand or comprehend just how powerful residual & passive income is.  They will work 30-40 years at a job and will probably be laid off or fired before that because they are just an expendable number to a corporation or for some other political reason.

Business owners never get laid off and we are in control of our own destinies.  If I want to make more money, I just work harder, if I want to take time off…I just take time off and pick up where I left off.   I really can’t think of anything better.

Is It Possible To Make Money While On Vacation or Not Working Your Business?

It is for me.  With Infinity Downline’s Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan and tons of people finding this website every week I am making money on complete autopilot, whether I work or not.  Let’s compare that to slaving away for 40-80 hours a week at a job for hopes of a promotion that will probably never come whatsoever.  When I think of doing the exact same thing at a job everyday, I get really depressed.  That’s no way to live!

Are You Ready for A Better Way?  If So Let’s Get Started,

James Matthews
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