Why I Hate MLM

Before I get into this post very deeply, and for all of you thinking that Infinity Downline is an MLM, let me be very clear and say that Infinity Downline is NOT an MLM is any shape, form, or fashion.  Yes, it has a networking model where you can build a team with your referrals, but Infinity Downline is affiliate marketing, not the MLM (multi level marketing) we hear so many horror stories about.

why i hate mlm

How Is Infinity Downline Not An MLM?

I’ve explained this thoroughly in another post, but Infinity Downline’s compensation model is based around the 100% commissions only going to the 4th level.  The Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan only has the 2nd & 4th referral being passed up to the sponsor.  Everything after that is 100% your money in your pocket to use whenever you want.

In the MLM industry, all commissions are passed up from everyone underneath the sponsor in some way, usually to the amount of about 5%, also all product sales within an MLM are usually around 25% of the total volume of sales from you personally.  You can see already how Infinity Downline is much better and blows away any MLM out there.

So James, Why Do You Hate MLM, What’s The Deal?

Well this past year I was curious to try the traditional home based business industry and get involved with a very popular weight loss company.  I was curious to see what I could build offline to see if I could duplicate the same amount of success.  I did.  I could not build the opportunity online whatsoever and ‘cheat’.

Here is the difference and why the traditional MLM is very substandard and a total ‘waste of time’ as well as just downright not fun at all:

- I was on the phone 24/7

- I was scheduling home parties for my distributors 24/7, usually doing these 3-4 nights out of the week

- It was a complete and total ‘sales job’ all the time

- Constant coaching and encouragement 24/7

- I started in my warm market (family and friends) and followed the company’s ‘system’

Now some of you may be reading this that have had success in MLM, and your saying well that’s just what it’s all about.  Well I’ve got news for these MLM types of people.  I know that if you ‘take your foot off the gas’ for a moment in your business it will die literally overnight.  If your not constantly coaching and selling your opportunity, whether the products or distributorship, it’s literally dying overnight.  It is truly a system where you are “Selling the dream, living the nightmare”.  But this is never really seen in the MLM Company’s overview video of course.

Here is How My Experience in Infinity Downline has been Vs. the MLM system:

- I’m never on the phone (I answer emails on my own schedule)

- I have never done a home party for any of my members (Infinity Downline is marketed online)

- I’ve never sold anyone anything; everyone comes to me

- Infinity Downline is so easy I never have to coach or encourage anyone; I only answer questions about the program and help when needed

- I’ve made tons of referrals in Infinity Downline on an international scale, from the comfort of my own home with a laptop and an internet connection

Doesn’t Infinity Downline sound alot better than the MLM route?  I thought so…just get started already ;)

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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