Why I Love Quitters in Infinity Downline…

Interesting Title?  Yes it is.  Let me explain.  When I first got started in Infinity Downline I started having minimal success, I had just a few signups but I was still very excited that I had even 1 signup.  A week later they would cancel and quit.  I was devastated and I really let it bother me.  I was wondering what I was doing wrong or what else I could offer so these people would stay in the program.  It really got to me and I wondered if this whole online marketing game was really worth it.

How I Learned To Love Quitters in My Infinity Downline Business

Here is what you need to learn about this whole internet/network marketing game.  It’s good when you have someone quit.  Why?  You DON’T want these people in your business whatsoever.  Better to ‘weed out’ the weeds as soon as possible in the beginning rather than later.  You may not understand this when you are first starting out and just want to recruit and sponsor as many people as possible, but you will understand it in time.  Believe Me.

You do not want anyone in your business who is not committed and want to make a huge change in their finances and in their life.  Sadly some people are quitters, complainers, excuse makers, unfocused, etc. so how is your business going to operate with these types of people inside of it?  This is why I love getting the notification from one of my payment processors that a member has canceled and opted out of the program ;)

The Good News About Quitters In Your Infinity Downline Business

The Good News is that when you really learn how to market online, learn attraction marketing, and bring in so many leads you don’t know what to do with, you really learn how to screen these people and spot the ‘duds’.  For every one person that quits in my business, I have 4 that have success very quickly because they understand work and that nothing is going to be handed to them and it’s up to them to make the change and work the program.  I can provide all the tools, training, support in the world but it’s up to each of us to make it happen.

This business is very easy, and if someone cannot generate an income with Infinity Downline, then they can’t generate an income with ANYTHING.  That’s the Truth.

If your Ready to Make A Change and Your Not A Quitter then Contact Me Below…I give you All The Tools You Need to be a Success,

James Matthews
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