Why ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ is the Number 1 Killer of Online Success…

When starting an online business like Infinity Downline, it’s important to set yourself up for success right from the very beginning.  As I’ve referred hundreds if not a thousand people into the opportunity, I’ve noticed those that have success and those do not.

Some have certain characteristics such as focus, persistence, taking action, dedication, etc. while those that completely fail have 1 very dangerous characteristic that will keep them in failure and doom their online business from ever having success whatsoever…

What is that 1 very dangerous characteristic?

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Very simple.  It’s something called the ‘shiny object syndrome’.  ‘Shiny object syndrome’ is the number 1 killer of success for any aspiring online business owner or promoter of any online business like Infinity Downline or anything else for that matter.

What exactly is ‘shiny object syndrome’?  Well I’m glad you ask because I made a video on it right here:

Why is Shiny Object Syndrome Such A Killer of Online Success?

If you cannot focus, you will fail.  If you cannot focus, you will fail.

I wrote that twice for a reason.  If you are unable to get completely focused on your business, whether it’s Infinity Downline or any online business, and absolutely tune everything else out online then you will make next to nothing in your business.

Focus is the absolute most important characteristic any online marketer absolutely has to have.  This is because the Internet itself is nothing but a huge giant distraction within itself.   There are countless promotions, offers, incentives and all kinds of ‘shiny objects’ online just waiting to take your attention at every given moment.   There are also tons of people spewing everything under the sun about how much ‘better’ their online opportunity is better than your opportunity.

You cannot get caught up in this and ever hope to be successful, it just won’t happen.

How Do I Fight the Shiny Object Syndrome and Have Success in Infinity Downline, or any Online Business?

Learn to focus from the very beginning.  What I learned to do very quickly is that when I turned on the laptop to work on promoting Infinity Downline, everything else was turned off completely.

That means no Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, or anything else that would distract me whatsoever in completing the task I was working on.

This is what skyrocketed my success in Infinity Downline, or any product that I would promote online.  Laser focused work and determination in building my business.  This principle will always work now and until the end of time, much more so than any technical marketing technique, software, latest guru strategy ever will.

Also setting clear cut goals each and everyday on a large calendar and completing those tasks daily will work wonders on completing goals and grow your business to the moon.  Unfortunately some that sign up for an online opportunity like Infinity Downline never do this and they are doomed from the beginning, always ‘wanting something to happen’ but never ‘making things happen’ for themselves.

Fortunately for you reading this I teach you everything you’ll ever want to know about setting goals and making a large income online through my private internet marketing training site.  You’ll be ahead of 95% of anyone else as I teach ‘what works’ in a huge way through my step by step video tutorials.

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