If your new to WordPress, or don’t know what WordPress is, then this training is very important.

Why is WordPress so important?  As a blogging platform it is very search engine friendly, meaning that the posts and pages are crawled and indexed by search engines very quickly.  WordPress is also very easy, no coding or technical html or css or php knowledge whatsoever, if you can write a Word Document then you can do WordPress.  Take your time through these lessons, as this is a skill you will need in marketing any product or opportunity.

No matter what Theme (lesson 9) you decide to use or install, the basic principles of WordPress still work and function the same, but some themes may offer more customization options.

(Note:  The first installation video is outdated due to wordpress updates, a much better installation video is here, the rest of the videos are very relevant WordPress training tutorials)

1.  WordPress Installation 

2. WordPress Dashboard

3. How to Make Posts

4. How to Edit Posts

5. Tags and Categories

6. Links

7. How to Make Pages


9. Themes

10. Adding A Theme

11. Widgets

12. Editors

13. Plugins

14. Tools

15. Users

16. General Settings

17. Writing Settings

18. Reading Settings



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